Your negative self talk is getting in your own way!

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today, we are going to be talking about shifting your energy by means of getting rid of your negative self-talk.
Yes, the negative self-talk in your life is what keeps you at this level one. But in the process of moving yourself from level one to level two, and then to level three when you’re vibrating at your highest optimum potential, is going to be addressing the things that you say to yourself that literally, you would never in your wildest dreams think of saying to someone else. Things that you wouldn’t say to your child, your best friend, your spouse, your coworkers are things that you say in your head on a daily basis, the very things that you say to yourself that are demeaning and self-defeating when you are attempting to do something or you’re thinking about creating something or even when you’re thinking about your own manifesting.
Oftentimes, there are things that are going through your head that you’re saying: I want to manifest a pay raise but I probably don’t deserve one. Or I want to manifest a new car but no, my lot in life is to just go into debt fixing the next thing that’s going to happen to this car because I’m really not meant to drive something fancy.
Those types of things are the things that if you had somebody who sat there and looked at you and said: you know what? My goal this year is to get a new car. Would you actually look at them and say: you don’t deserve it. Of course not. You would say: I think that’s a fabulous goal. So how are we going to work on making this thing come true?
And that’s exactly what you want to start doing in shifting yourself, from a level one to a level two on the ladder of vibration. To first acknowledge the fact that you have these thoughts that are moving you away from being in a state of pleasure and a state of receiving these things that you are wanting to accomplish. And the minute that you acknowledge that and you hear it in your head and you stop yourself dead in your tracks and say: wait a minute, I do deserve this, I deserve it every bit as much as the next guy and the guy before me. So now, I’m going to set about a plan to make it happen. Because you know what? It is my birth right, it is what I am entitled to, to have nice things and to drive a nice car and to have a job that does not cause me grief and that pays me what I’m worth.
When you get to a point that you’re starting to approach it from that standpoint, you’re then moving yourself from level two and starting to head to level three. So what’s going to get you to level three even faster? Creating the plan, taking the action steps, making plans and a strategy that’s going to align with what it is that you know, you’re entitled to and where it is you want to be.

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