You Can Only Help Someone...If They Are Ready To Be Helped

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today we are talking about picking your battles with a negative person.

Boy, this is a big one and I want to begin by sharing a story with you that recently I was dining with a friend of mine and throughout the entire time that we were having dinner, every single thing she was talking about and sharing with me was negative. I mean this person, and I’m sure you know people like those I’m going to describe and you’re gonna say: “yep, I know someone exactly like that”. She was talking about problems with her car, problems where she lived, these difficulties with people at her child’s school, her husband, everything under the sun.

There was something negative in any story she was sharing. I mean literally saying: “that’s a beautiful top”. And she came back and she said: “well, the day that I got it, let me tell you what I had to go through at the mall and then what happened to my car, and then and on and on and on and on”. And again, I’m sure you see this profile and someone immediately comes to mind.

Now as this was happening though, I was sort of just sitting there and truthfully just allowing her time to vent and thinking to myself at what point am I going to jump in and say something positive or interject something, that is maybe going to allow her to look at a situation differently. And while I did that a few times throughout the conversation, I have to be honest with you, if you know a person who is like this, unless this person has come to you specifically for life coaching to move out of this negative existence that they have. Literally spending your time with trying to get them to a place of positivity, is only going to amount of push and pull if I just sat there and I tried to find the positive or to push back against the negativity and the negative energy.

If I’d tried to do that, not only would it have been unproductive use of my time, chances are it was going to ultimately strike her in a negative fashion because that’s how she would have received it. She would not have received it as constructive criticism. She wouldn’t have received it as injecting positivity or looking, you know, for the silver lining in something she was telling me about. Because she’s just not at that point, she’s just not ready to be in a receiving mode like that.

And if someone is not in a receiving mode, this is exactly why I say to pick your battles carefully because in that particular instance, if you feel moved to perhaps say one or two things, that’s fine. But you are better off in just making the best of whatever situation you’re in, smiling, grinning and bear it. And then just literally getting through it, than necessarily trying to be the knight in shining armor that comes riding through and changes this person’s mindset and the mentality that she has around the world that she’s living in. And you know, you can be a good friend to a degree, but you also have to know when to pull back if somebody’s not ready and not asking for your help.

So, a little tip that I wanted to give you, that I thought about after having this dinner and freeing myself from the situation and return to the positive life that I live. And not frustrate myself even further, by trying to change something that wasn’t ready to be changed or in a situation where someone wasn’t asking for my help.

And I wanted to share this with you. I hope it hits home and it resonates with you. If you liked it, please give me a big thumbs up. Click the link below, or leave me a comment. And if you know of somebody who needs to hear this, feel free to share it with them. And until next time: keep climbing that ladder of vibration!

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