Why You Should Avoid Negative People and Not Get Stuck in Negative Situations

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today we are talking about distancing ourselves from negativity.

Yes, negativity is all around us and at times, I know it seems like you can’t get away from it. I was thinking about this the other day when I was in the store. I was in line and I heard the person in front of me was talking about something that happened at work and was just complaining up one side and down the other.

They had a little toddler in the cart and the toddler was just looking up at this person complaining over and over and over again about this happening and that happening. And I couldn’t help but think to myself: what is going through that toddler’s head, as she’s looking at this adult, who is just so down and the energy level is just in the basement? And then behind me, somebody else was complaining about something else. And the checkout clerk looked like she was having an awful day.

And there I am smashed in between these people and I’m thinking to myself, if there’s any way I could just teleport myself out and go to another line. But the reality is, it’s probably every line that I would have been standing in, I was going to meet a similar situation.

But the thing that I want to really “drive home”, in this funny example, to you is that there are options and opportunities for you to distance yourself from negativity when you make a concerted effort to do it. You may not always be able to do it but if you end up staying sandwiched in between situations where there is negativity all around you, there is no way from an energetic standpoint that it will not over time bring you down, no matter how tough your constitution is, no matter how positive of a person you are.

If you are surrounded by those situations, it’s going to rub off on you, even if it’s from an energetic standpoint and not a conscious level standpoint. So any time you have a situation where there’s a lot of negativity going on, anything you can do to distance yourself from that is going to benefit you immeasurably. And all you really have to do is be aware of it because sometimes we get so conditioned to being used to so many people being negative around us, that it seems like it’s second nature and we don’t really even stop and think about it. It’s like we just try to field it and we have that sense that it’s just life as normal. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take steps to remove yourself from these situations whenever possible and take steps to distance yourself from that negativity and you will see your own vibration level rise like you cannot believe.

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