When Silence Is Golden

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac, and today, we’re going to be talking about effective decision-making. Now, when it comes to making a decision about something, especially something that is maybe weighing heavy on our minds or a crossroads in life that we are at and we’re trying to decide between one of two directions or we’re trying to make a decision about something, a lot of times, the biggest culprit in giving us trouble in actually making that decision is all of the external noise that we hear around us, information overload, so many thing in life vying for our attention.

It helps us to gain information, but when comes to making a decision, oftentimes, that’s the thing that is standing in the way from you being able to come to terms with the decision that’s best for you. And one of those effective ways that you can do this is to find a way to quiet the noise around you, to find silent location or spend some time alone where you’re not distracted by all of the interference that’s going on around you. Now one of the ways that I used to do this when we were traveling full-time, in many instances, I was driving a vehicle behind our RV. So on a particular trip, I might be in that car for probably four, five, six, maybe even up to seven or eight hours of driving alone with my thoughts. And in most instances, what a lot of people will do in that particular situation, is the first thing they do is they turn on the radio. And I’m all for good music and I’m all for going down the highway and listening to your favorite tunes, but when it comes to either making a decision or just being alone with your thoughts to brainstorm something, you don’t really want that music playing in the background necessarily because, again, that’s just something that’s going to cause your distraction. And maybe a long vehicle trip isn’t something that’s ideal for you, but it could be a trip to the spa, it could be maybe even just a trip to your local pool, or it could be something as easy as finding a quiet place in your house or finding somewhere to go sit at a cafe that is quiet on a particular day and isn’t rushing around with a lot of people coming and going.

The key point here is, is look to where you can go, where you’re going to have ultimate silence, you’re not going to have people coming and going and distracting you, phones, any type of thing going on on the internet, computers, people, any of these types of things where you’ve got that quiet opportunity to literally just be alone with your thoughts and reflect on weighing considerations of something or looking at the pros and cons or brainstorming something that you’re doing. Whatever the case might be, the quiet opportunity can be the most effective decision-making process that you can go through, and it oftentimes brings about things that you otherwise would never have come upon.

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  1. I drive a lot for work. I like music, but do have time for silence while driving. I do a lot of thinking during this time. Driving and thinking, so much that I sometimes miss a turn. But, it is still good to do.. Thank you Stephanie.

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