When A Friend Leaves Your Life...It Might Be A Good Thing

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today we’re talking about friends.

So what is it about friends that we’re going to discuss today? Well, the way that I can best explain it is a common phrase that you will hear that when it comes to friends, there’s a reason, a season and a lifetime. Now, very, very rarely do we ever meet that person who is going to play the role of a lifetime friend. When I was younger, my uncle told me that you, maybe over the case of your life, will have two or three friends that you can truly count as lifetime friends that will be with you forever from the point that you meet them until the very bitter end. So that’s one situation. But then there’s the reason or the season.

And oftentimes, what you will find in life is that you have someone who comes into your life and you have that feeling like it clicks, that you’re gonna be best friends with this person forever. But then things go on and maybe a couple of months go by and then all of a sudden, you either drift apart from that friend or something happens that you look back at that friend and you wonder what even attracted you to them.

But during that two or three-month period, they served a purpose in your life. I don’t mean like you make a friend and you use them and you discard them, what I mean is that somebody comes into your life, you have a bond, you have some type of common ground but then when that time has passed, you move on and you tend to go your separate ways.

And then there’s the situation where there are certain things about your life and certain things about where you are at the season of your life that you may be attracting certain people into your life and friendships that make sense for where you are at that point in time.

But then, you may grow and expand and elevate beyond where you were when you first met those people and you sort of outgrow them. It doesn’t make them bad, it doesn’t make you bad but that you’re simply moving on because you’re really a different person. You’ve evolved and grown or matured or elevated yourself to a different level than you were when you initially made the bonds with them and it’s just no longer a fit.

So when you’re looking at friendships, don’t be hard on yourself if someone is in the process of moving out of your life or if you’ve made a friend that isn’t quite living up to the same expectations that you originally had. Or about the roles that they play in your life, because there’s so many factors that come into play. And remember, a reason, a season or a lifetime define all of the friendships and the interactions that you have with people. And when you realize that they’re put in your life for different reasons at different times, it makes everything better and it makes it much more understandable.

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