What Is It That Makes You Happy?

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today, we are going to take a look at what makes you happy.

So tell me, what is it that does make you happy? Is it crafting? Is it a hobby? Is it cooking? Is it family? Is it watching your favorite show on TV? Is it knitting? Any number of these things, I want you to stop and answer the question, what makes you happy? And then, what I want you to do is I want you to make a concerted effort to schedule time in to do that thing that makes you happy.

And it may be something that you schedule on a daily basis, if it’s a, you know, small little snippet of what makes me happy is looking out the window at the beautiful mountains that I see when I’m sitting at my desk. Is it something like that? Then that’s something that I want you to literally schedule, put on your calendar. Take five minutes today and look out and appreciate those mountains. Now, it sounds really funny to stop and schedule appreciating something or stop and schedule something that’s making you happy, but here’s the thing.

So often in life, we get moving so fast and we have all of these major things on our schedule and our to-do list of everything that we want to do, but we overlook the little things. And it could be another scenario, where it isn’t something you’re necessarily going to do every day. Maybe it’s once a week, you’re going to take the kids and go watch a movie.

So I want you to schedule that. I want you to put it on the calendar and I want you to make sure you physically make the time and set the time aside to go do that activity, and make it a part of your routine. And it could be something even larger, that maybe you do a day trip or an overnight getaway and you’re gonna schedule that on your calendar for maybe once a month. So it’s often about taking a look at what makes you happy and the frequency that you would do it, that is going to refuel you and refill your heart and your soul and give you that gratitude and appreciation for life and the enjoyment that you’re going to have, being fulfilled in doing it.

So the first thing that I want you to do is I want you to leave a comment below. Let me know, what does make you happy? What are the little things? What are the medium or the large things?

And then, after you leave a comment, please do me a favor and make a concerted effort, put it on your calendar and go do it. It’ll make all the difference in the world, I promise you, and if you know of anyone who would benefit from this message, please feel free to share it with them. And until next time, keep climbing that ladder of vibration.

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