Toxic Relationships Are Keeping Your Energy Low

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac, and today, we’re going to have a talk about toxic relationships.

Now, we’re not going to, in this video, get into toxic relationships that are of the type that take a little bit more for you to work on to get away from a situation. If this is maybe a relationship that has to do with something that’s more long-term, if you’re struggling with a spouse or you’re struggling with a family member, or if it’s something that is part of a work environment that you really can’t make an immediate change.

What I’m talking about today are not those types of things. I’m talking about toxic relationships that you can change like that, that you don’t have any vested interest in, and you don’t have any type of a connection to. But that, over time, a lot of times, what happens is that we get so used to situations that we almost take it for granted that there’s nothing we can do to change it. And if you start to look in the immediate environment, you’ll often see that a lot of these things that you’ve been tolerating or putting up with, just because you’ve gotten so used to it, when you stop and think about it, these are things that you can eliminate. And what we’re talking about when we talk about shifting our levels of vibration from a low-level one vibration to a two, to a level three, a high vibration, ultimately, what we’re talking about is sometimes doing things that are very easy to make a change.

We just don’t stop and think about it. So these are the types of relationships and these are the types of situations that perhaps you are, you go to, let’s say a particular store that everybody in the store, the workers are always kind of disgruntled. Well, think about perhaps going to a different store. What could it do to lift you up to go to a store where everybody’s upbeat and happy and they enjoy their job and they enjoy working in that environment? And we all have those types of places, where we walk into a place, and it’s just we know that the people there must be treated really well by their supervisors and their owners and everything, because you can just tell they’re happy working where they’re working.

And in other instances, we have stores that we go to that, a lot of times, it brings us down just to walk in through the door. We know that the people working there are unhappy, disgruntled, and maybe it’s a convenience store. Maybe it could be that it’s closer to your house, than maybe somewhere that you have to drive a little bit further, but that take that time on the drive to maybe think about something or to listen to some music or to listen to some type of an upbeat audiobook that is going to help you. Or benefit you or bring you joy in some fashion, so that even though you have to drive a little bit further, you’re not only benefiting yourself and doing something enjoyable along the way, which is starting to raise you to a level two vibration. But then, when you arrive at a store that is bringing you joy and increasing the positive energy throughout your shopping experience, by the time that you leave, you’re vibrating at a level three and feeling so much better than if you had gone to the original store and just kind of trudged through the day and let all the negative energy affect you and take it back home with you after the shopping trip.

So you see how doing these little things when you take a look at toxic situations, that you can change very easily, that don’t require a huge shift or a huge lifestyle change, like a relationship or a job, but whittling away at all of the little things that you tolerate is going to continue to help you keep climbing that level of vibration, and get yourself to a point of vibrating at a high level three vibration, that is going to help you manifest things easily and effortlessly.

So leave a comment below about three things that you can do to change toxic situations very quickly in your life, and if you know of anyone who would enjoy this video, please share it with them. And until next time, keep climbing that ladder of vibration.

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