Think Like This & Be Rewarded With Abundance

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac, and today we’re going to be talking about a scarcity mentality.

Now, there’s a funny thing that somebody told me years and years ago, and I’m not Jewish, so I don’t even know if it’s true, and maybe if you are, you can put a note in the comments below and let me know, because I’m really curious if it is, in fact, a thing. But, this person told me that when you are dining at someone’s house, it’s a tradition to always leave a small morsel of food on your plate, so that you are indicating to your host that it is a time of plenty, and that you feel confident that by leaving this piece on your plate that you will be bringing more into your life. One of the things that I would say to you about that type of a scarcity mentality, is that what it amounts to is, is that if you eat everything on your plate, or you consume everything that you have been given, or you utilize everything that is at your disposal, you’re sending a message to the Universe that you don’t think it’s going to be replenished if your tendency is to leave a little bit left each time.

What I say to you is to do away with that scarcity mentality, and put the message out to the Universe that if you use up the last drop of milk, tomorrow will be another day, and the milk will be replenished. If you eat everything on your plate, you will indeed live to eat another day, and another meal. From doing it from that standpoint, then what you’re really doing is you’re putting it out to the Universe that you have the faith, and you have the belief that good things are going to continue to come to you, that abundance is going to be plentiful in your life. That is really the message that we want to be sending.

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  1. Both ideas presented have an interesting perspective. With that being said I will agree with yours. The law of inertia comes to mind with keeping the flow going. A scarcity mindset ultimately limits, not saves.

    1. Hi Yes what u mention about lraving some food on your plate, it is biblical look it up in the old Testament..and yes Jewish custom…thank U from GOD Universe for these inspiration, greatly needed at times…keep them coming..Blessings..

  2. Great message!Makes sense to me and let’s also always remember to be grateful for what we’re given as well as focusing on the good we do have!And in doing so the universe or ( as my belief is -GOD ) is getting the message we are not motivated by vanity or material earthly riches with in turn we are humbly rightful and deserving of more ( since it’s not our motivation) 🙂 God bless friends !🌞

  3. Every thing you say has always fantastic meanings and are perfect to hear at this moment in my life love it

  4. I look forward to your offerings every day! This is an interesting one for sure. Namaste

  5. Thank you so much, great advice. I’m visualizing a new home in a neighborhood of my dream in 90 days. And also changing careers in business development management. December 22 is my 90 day

  6. Great job explaining. Have a bless night!!!

  7. Great advise. I never give up. I always expect to receive what I need and want.

  8. There is always different perspective .. from our older tradition, we believe please finish the meal and don’t leave anything there. It shows respect to your host and the way of life you are living … Nice VdO indeed …

  9. I really appreciate your video & knowledge. God bless you 😇

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