The Rule of Inner Confidence

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today we are going to talk about why you keep falling short of your expectations.

Now, in many instances when something like this happens, and what I’m referring to when I say falling short, is you might a have particular amount of success with something, but it doesn’t live up to the big, huge ultimate goal that you’re looking at. Or you get very, very close to the pinnacle of your desires and then all of a sudden it falls flat. And in many instances, if you find yourself in a routine or habitual pattern where this happens over and over again, a lot of times what it comes down to is something that is not an external circumstance, but actually your inner confidence. What I mean by this is is that when you don’t have the inner confidence going into something, people and circumstances around you are going to sense that. They may not even be able to necessarily pinpoint it, and then they may not give you any feedback that says, well, I didn’t really warm to you in this particular situation because I didn’t pick up on any amount of confidence you had, or I picked up on a slight inconsistency in the confidence that you had around this particular topic or this particular decision or something like that. That’s very unlikely that they would articulate that to you, but without really realizing it, they may be pulling back or shying away because of that lack of inner confidence that you are unwittingly projecting out there to society.

Another way this can manifest itself is if you have a particular, say a goal or a business opportunity or a career path that you’re pursuing, a raise for a job or something like that, and you keep getting passed over, or you keep coming close and every month you have a goal for yourself, but you just fall short of that goal, it means that you’re in the process of doing things right, but there may be that little nudging self-confidence issue that’s going on under the surface. When something like that happens, what you wanna do is you wanna take a look at doing something to shore up that self-confidence. It may be meditation. It may be taking a course. It may be working with a mentor. It could be any number of things that is going to get you past that level of self-confidence that keeps rearing its head internally and projecting itself outwardly to the rest of the world that’s keeping you from manifesting your desires. So if you find yourself in that situation, this may be the perfect place to start and look inwardly and see where you are on this whole subject.

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  1. I have business dream that is extremely expensive to start and build but I have learning and mental disability’s that keep me in group home and hinder’s my financial success so how do I get this big Semi off of me that is holding me back so much if you know what I mean And Thank You!

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