Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today, we are going to talk about shifting your vibration by stopping the comparison game.

This is a big one and this is something that gets a lot of people tripped up and it keeps them in this level one state, because it’s so easy to compare ourselves to other people. It’s so easy to take a look at the car someone else is driving and think: why not me? Or the house that someone lives in or even the clothes that they wear or the job that they have.
But the dangers of staying in that state, even above and beyond keeping you in this level one of your vibration, is the fact that you start to live in denial thinking that you are something less then, because you don’t have something that you’re comparing to someone else. Maybe they have a huge prosperous business, but what you haven’t seen is that maybe they’re living paycheck to paycheck. Or that person who’s driving that gorgeous car is one or two months behind in their payments. You just never know when you’re comparing your circumstances with someone else’s circumstances, all of the details behind what you see at face value. And the dangers of making that comparison are huge.

So in order to shift yourself away from that, you have to first make a concerted effort to stop the comparison. You have to stop right at this point and the minute that you stop, you’re going to start climbing that ladder of vibration and get yourself to level two. Now, it’s no longer going to be about looking at something that someone else has and having regrets about something that you don’t have. This is going to cause you to appreciate what you do have and not feel that there’s a lack mentality, that you are doing without or you are going to be happier or feel better if you had this particular set of circumstances, whether it’s a house or a job or a car, whatever the case might be.

So now, when you get yourself to that state of acknowledgement, the next thing that you’re going to do is you’re going to really focus on, is what it is that you ultimately want. What it is that you’re manifesting and I want you to focus on all the steps that are going on in taking you from where you are now to where you want to be and all of the wonderful things that are happening along that path. Too often, if we’re vibrating over here, thinking that we don’t have what this person has, we have a goal up here of what it is that we want. But here we are in the middle thinking that we’re not getting closer to what we want, because we don’t have everything that someone else has.
That’s when we get into this circular problem that if we just take a step back and say: you know what? I got up today and I made a list of contacts that I’m going to contact and talk to about doing something in my business or I am going to send out a set of resumes for a new job because really what’s bothering me is I don’t have the job of my dreams.
Look at those steps that you’re taking, pat yourself on the back, acknowledge that you are making progress, that there is a timeline from point A to point B and you’re not just going with a magic wand to wake up tomorrow morning and go from point A to point B overnight with no action or activity going on. So acknowledge all the little steps along the way. Applaud yourself, pat yourself on the back and focus on those things and that is what’s going to move you from level two to level three. And in the process of doing that, you are going to see an acceleration of your success in getting to point B that is going to blow you away. It will just knock your socks off when you approach it this way.

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