Speak your mind and stay true to yourself

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac, and today we are talking about speaking up.

Now what do I mean? What I mean is, is don’t be afraid to speak your mind. You don’t have to be brash about it. You don’t have to be rude or obnoxious, and you don’t have to really jump in when your opinion really hasn’t been requested or asked for, but when you have an opportunity and you’re in a situation where it calls for you voicing an opinion about something, don’t cover it up.

Don’t backpedal the situation, speak your mind, be authentically you and let people or situations know what it is that you are feeling. The minute that you mask what you’re really feeling, what happens is you take yourself from that high level three vibration, and you plummet to a level one. Or if you’re at a level one, because you do this with a certain amount of frequency, you are never going to work your way from that level one to a level two or a level three vibration.

I guarantee that you’re going to be stuck at that level one vibration, if you don’t show up as being authentically you, speak your mind, and feel free to be who it is that you feel in your own heart and what is comfortable to you. Now, you definitely don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. You don’t want to again speak up in a situation where your opinion was never asked for, but this is all about situations where you have the opportunity to express an opinion and I want you to go for it.

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