Signs From The Universe

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today we’re going to be talking about interpreting the signs from the Universe.

Now a lot of times when we get a sign it’s pretty clear cut and it lets us know that we’re either on the right path or in the right direction or that maybe something is not gelling or something needs to be changed. But then there are those instances where there’s a gray area, that maybe you’re getting signs, but the signs aren’t necessarily telling you that you’re not going in the right direction.

It might just be that you’re not taking the right approach or you’re not staying open to going with the flow and going down the path that you’re meant to go down, which might be contrary to what you thought originally going into something in the pursuit of particular goal or something like that, that you thought this path was going to go one way and suddenly it’s going another way. But in many instances people will take that as a sign that the end result is not valid or is not in their best interest or that they should change the entire goal or outcome of what it is that they’re looking at and that’s not always the case. Sometimes what we view as a sign is simply a stumbling block that we have to over come. It isn’t, oh, it’s a sign so I’m going to quit or I’m not going to pursue that.

And I see this happen a lot with people who are starting something new, it might be a new job, it might be a new career, it can be something new in business or it could be a new direction or a project that is something that you never encountered before. And, all of a sudden, as you’re pursuing this and you have the idea, you’re at point A, you wanna get to point B and you’re pursuing this thing that you’re after, that one thing goes wrong. And maybe something else goings wrong, maybe something else goes wrong and you got, you know what? Gonna through up my hands because this obviously was meant to be, it’s a sign from the universe.

Well, I challenge you to take a step back if you’re in one of those situations and look at these little signs as simply stepping stones along the way that everything is not going to necessarily go as smooth as you envision it or it may not even go in the direction or the path that you’re envisioning. But don’t let it undermine your faith in the end goal, just simply look at it as strengthening opportunity that’s going to make you stronger by the time you get that end goal. And it’s going to give you more confidence and it’s going to give you, perhaps a new skillset or something along those lines that is all part of the process. It really all comes down to going with the flow and when you have the inner conviction that this thing you’re manifesting, this goal that you’ve set, this dream that you have is something that you absolutely want. Don’t let any little inconsistencies or hurdles along the way shake your confidence in the end result. Simply rise to meet the challenges and don’t let it be a sign that you need to scrap the whole idea or cancel the whole project. It may just be that these are little life’s lessons that you were meant to learn and that’s really the sign in and of itself.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement to stick with our goals. I’m on a path to developing and forming healthy habits. I know I’m heading in the right direction because I receive messages like your video.

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