Maybe it’s time for a change in your daily routine

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today, we’re talking about changing up your routine.

Yes, this is something that is really fun, very exciting to do and it will easily move you from a level one vibration, up through the level two, even to a level three vibration when you implement these things that I’m about to share with you.

So what is it about our routine? We’re often referred to as creatures of habit that get stuck in a rut. And when that happens, a lot of times, we tend to not appreciate the things around us. We tend to not interact with things in the same way we do when something is new or exciting because it’s like we get into the doldrums and we’re just plodding through life and our routine is the same day after day after day.

What I encourage you to do is to switch it up.  Variety is the spice of life as they say and find things that are going to inject variety into your daily routine. Even if it is something as simple as doing things in a different order when you get ready in the morning or driving a different way to work. Or going to a store that you don’t normally shop at but you’re just going to browse. You’re not going in with a list and an agenda and the things that you want and going in and making sure that you tick off every single time and getting it done, getting to check out. Go to a store and browse around with nothing on your list. For no other purpose other than to just to look at all the fascinating things, learn something new.

If it’s a grocery store, read a label, if it’s a clothing store, try on something that you in your mind’s eye would never be caught dead in and you don’t have to leave the dressing room.

Just change up your routine, interject some fun and you watch your level one vibration is going to soar to a level three. And it’s going to make all the difference in the world to the things that you’re trying to manifest.

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