It Is Time For You To Start Believing In Yourself

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today we are going to be talking about dreaming big.

I want the end of this video to mean to you that there is no limit to what you can imagine for yourself. There is nothing holding you back from dreaming the big dream.

The reason that I wanted to create this video today is because I had a conversation recently with someone and every time we started talking about the big goal that she had, she kept interjecting all the reasons why she would never get to it. And she was having the tendency each time, instead of saying she was going to attain this situation, that she was going to settle for second best or third best option.

Because she kept talking herself out of 100%, she kept talking herself down the ladder of vibration literally and deciding that well, she probably wasn’t going to be capable of doing this particular step, so she wouldn’t be able to reach that full entire goal that she was talking about.
And then she’d bring up another item and she’d bring up another item and next thing you know, it really wasn’t this big, huge goal that she was setting for herself. It was just this tiny little jump that she was thinking about maybe starting to pursue. But it no longer really even seemed that exciting to her, because she had lost all that enthusiasm that she originally had when she talked about the big goal and the big thing that she wanted.

So I had to have a little talk with her and we talked about all of the obstacles that she was mentally putting in her way and talking herself out of attaining the really big goal that she originally planned on doing. We took a look at these things, this resistance that she was putting up, when in reality these weren’t things that she was not able to attain.

They were just things that she was putting out there because the goal seemed too overwhelming to her. She just didn’t think she would be able to do it so she was finding reasons to uphold that to kind of try and step down and step back on that goal. And that is why I want to challenge you today not to do that. Dream big.

I want you in the comments below to tell me what your biggest goal that you can possibly think of is. Don’t think about how you’re getting there, don’t think about the steps or the challenges you might have along the way. Just open your mind to embracing the biggest opportunity you can think of and then we start to put into practice the things that are going to get us there.

So do me that favor, put it in the comments below. If you know of anyone else who would appreciate this video, please, share it with them. Give me a big thumbs up and click the like button if you’ve enjoyed this video and until next time, keep climbing the ladder of vibration.

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