Have You Ever Tried to Just Pause And Take A Deep Breath?

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulack, and today, we’re talking about breathing.

So yes, that’s the exact topic that I want to tell you about today, and encourage you do is breathe. Now, why is this such an important topic that we need to have a discussion about and I need to create this video and share with you? It’s because so many times, when we’re in a situation, if we’re tense, if there’s something that’s not going the way that we want it to go, if we’re worried about something or stressed about something, we literally have the tendency to hold our breath and to hold it in. Or to tense up and tighten up and not breathe, not let it out, and in so many instances, the way that we can calm ourselves, the way that we can adapt and handle a situation, is to take a deep breath, is to breathe in deep and exhale.

It gives us the time to center ourselves, to create balance in our life, to start to shift through a low level of vibrating to a level two or a level three vibration, by just simply focusing on our breathing, and reducing the tension. Reducing that tendency to clench our fists inside as well as maybe outwardly, and to hold our breath, and to have irregular breathing or breathing that is rapid over a situation.

And if you just start to work on regulating that breath and regulating yourself, through an experience and through something that is perhaps challenging to you, you’re going to see the way that the whole entire thing is handled. And the ultimate outcome is far different when you focus on breathing through it, and leaning in to a certain relaxation and a certain ease, even if it’s a little bit challenging, even if it may be fearful. Just work on your breathing, and you are going to see a huge difference, I guarantee it.

If you enjoyed this video and have worked on utilizing this technique, please leave a comment below, and share it with anyone that you know that could benefit from this message as well. And until next time, keep climbing the ladder of vibration, and keep breathing.

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