Have We Talked About Purging Yet?

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac, and today we are talking about purging.

Now before you get all excited, I’m not talking about starting to open cupboards and pull out drawers, what I’m talking about is purging from your computer. And not just your computer in general, not things that you’ve accumulated on your hard drive, more of what I’m talking about is purging things from places that you hang out online, and I’m gonna use Facebook as example, but it really can apply to any social media platform.

For example, over time, when you were navigating and doing things on Facebook, chances are you have joined groups, you have followed pages, and depending on how long you’ve been on Facebook, these are things that could be going three, four, five, even six or seven years back. Things that could have put you in a particularly totally different time and space, that are particular things that no longer even apply to you. Your interests, or your circumstances, your business, your friend groups, any of those types of things. And what happens with Facebook is based on these groups, Facebook is going to serve and show you things that are related to the groups that you’re a part of, or the pages that you followed in the past. So by nature of the fact that even if you’ve done something many years ago, it can be bringing forward topics, baggage, items, people, that are just no longer a fit for where you are today.

So I bet you that if you start to look at things in these terms, and you start to look at things that you’ve just kind of gotten used to being there, but that really serve no purpose in your life. It’s a really, really fun exercise to just start removing yourself from these groups, and unfollowing pages if they are literally no longer applicable to anything that is part of your current life, and who you are, and what your goals and aspirations are. And when you do this, you’re suddenly going to find that a lot more things are showing up in your feed and in another video we’re gonna talk about that aspect. So for now, let’s just maintain a focus on purging, kind of getting rid of the old and then come back here and we’re going to talk about bringing in the new.

So go ahead, start that and if you’d like this video, give me a big thumbs up, click the like button below please, and leave me a comment and let me know some of the things that you are ready to purge and let go of in your online existence. And if you know of anyone who would benefit from this video, please feel free to share it with them. Until next time: keep climbing that ladder of vibration!

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