Don’t Let Toxic People Rent Space In Your Head

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac, and today we are going to talk about eliminating toxic people from your life once and for all.

Now, too many times in life, because we are trained to be socialized, and when we’re in grade school or when we’re in high school, we have to get along with everyone in the class because we see these people five days a week, or more if you have after school activities and things like that. Then you’re in a workforce and you have to learn to get along with the people that you work with. While all these things are all well and good, it also tends to make our human nature somewhat of a situation where you feel as if even if someone is toxic in your life, you’re kind of obligated to keep them around, or to allow them to rent space in your world, in your head. Because keeping someone who’s toxic out of your life is defining this tradition that we’ve been taught throughout all of the years of growing up, and graduating, and getting into the workforce.

But here’s the thing. As an adult, you do have choices. You have choices not only to eliminate toxic people in your life, but to take steps to remove yourself from the harmful effects that them being in your life can have for you. Now, you may not be able to keep them from being in your physical environment, if it’s say someone at work, or a family member, or something like this. But how you react to it is the first step in eliminating that toxic person from your life, and the effects of what they do and their behaviors. Stop and think about the people that you have in your immediate surroundings, and realize to yourself that it’s not a requirement that they stay there. It’s not a requirement that they rent space in your head.

You have the choice of how close you let them in and how much you allow them to get in your head, or how much you repel the damaging effects that they’re doing by renting space in your head. So, the next time you run up against these situations, give yourself permission to make that change.

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