There Is Only One Path That You Should Follow...And That’s Yours!

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today, we are talking about being authentic.

Now, it’s not just about being authentic, it’s about how much of an energy drain being inauthentic will take on your life and the toll that it will take on your emotional energy. And what I want to put out there to you is that in many instances, it isn’t that you are intentionally deceiving someone, and your lack of authenticity is meant to harm anyone. What happens so often with human nature is that we look around and people that we admire or people that we emulate or businesses that we want to style ourselves after. Or even people that we work with, employers or other people who have a particular job position that maybe we want to aspire to.

This has us start doing things in a little bit different way because we see one person doing it a certain way or we see a business doing something a certain way and we draw a conclusion.

It’s human nature. Well, if it’s working for them, I aspire to be just like them so it would work for me but the problem is is you are not them. You are not that person, you are not that business, you are not in that particular position, and as a result, you’ve got a unique set of circumstances that are specific to you. So showing up authentically and being yourself is what’s going to get you to that end goal faster. You’ve already put the desire out there. You want that position or you want your business to be of a certain nature or a certain size or you want your products or services to be a certain way or you want a lifestyle that is similar to someone else’s. All of those things, you’ve put that out there into the universe and that’s what you’re in the process of manifesting but the key is to make sure that you are authentic in your path to the manifestation.

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