Challenges Are Here To Help You And Make You Better…Embrace them!

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration, and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac, and today we are going to talk about embracing challenges.

Why would we want to embrace a challenge? The world has it and tells us that everything is supposed to be smooth, and there’s never supposed to be a hurdle or a challenge, or any struggles in life. That’s kind of the image and the picture we get, if we look around social media, and if we look all around us in the pictures and the images that we see.

 But, the reality is, is that life is going to be filled with challenges. Life is going to have hurdles. It might be something small. It might be something large, but the only thing that you need to remember when you’re faced with a challenge, is that you are going to be bigger, better, and stronger when you overcome that challenge.

If you’re bigger, better, and stronger on the other side of the challenge, what does that make you? More fit, more equipped, in a better position to tackle the next hurdle, or to accomplish the next goal, or to be able to set your sights on something that you couldn’t previously do because there were certain skills, or certain things that you were missing, but that as soon as you overcame a particular challenge, you created a new skillset.

You accomplished something that made you a better person, or made you stronger, or gave you new skills that you, otherwise, were not previously equipped with.

Every time throughout life, from when we were very, very small, and we had a challenge of, perhaps, riding a bike, and all the way on up to work challenges and business challenges, learning to drive a car, going to college, getting a degree, learning things in school. Any of these things, they didn’t necessarily come easy. They weren’t the most smooth thing in your life. You had to put in work. You had to put in effort. Sometimes you got an A, sometimes you got an F.

However, the reality is, is that when you finally passed, you were a better person because of it, and that is what I want you to remember in looking at the next challenge that you face. That when you accomplish it and successfully overcome that challenge, you’re going to be a better person because of it. And it’s going to give you a bigger arsenal to fight the next battle, and to win the next win.

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