Avoid This One Manifestation Block

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today we’re going to be talking about emotional landmines on social media.  So, let me first ask you, on your way here to this video today how many posts did you come across where you had the tendency to compare yourself? Maybe you saw a post and you felt that the person making the post was thinner than you or dressed better than you or purportedly had a business that was more successful than yours or a marriage or a family or a lifestyle that was better than yours. So how many times a day do you consciously or perhaps subconsciously find yourself comparing your life, your success, your business, whatever this case might be, to other people?

What I want you to do is reflect back when you were first learning to drive and one of the biggest challenges for new drivers is often times being on a highway and passing those big semis that are on the road. When you’re first learning to drive, what your instructor is telling you is that when you’re passing that semi, you need to for the most part keep your eyes straight ahead.  In effect, you need to stay in your own lane. You need to not be distracted and look over at the truck that you’re passing because the reality is if you look over at that truck, you have the tendency to actually turn the wheel slightly and head into that semi. Of course, we don’t want that but the point is, is that when you’re paying more attention to something next to you than you are to the road in front of you, you’re not keeping an eye on your own life. You’re not keeping an eye on your own lane and what it is that you’re doing. If you’re preoccupied by what someone else is doing and worse yet if you spend too much time being preoccupied by what someone else is doing you’re going to be pulled into their world and not stay in your world.

So really keep this in mind the next time you have that tendency to compare yourself to others because it isn’t necessarily even all that it’s made to be. What you see at face value is often times not really what’s going on at the surface and under the surface. So, the more you stay in your own lane and concentrate and focus on your life and what you’re doing the more success you’re going to have in anything that you undertake.

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  1. Thanks enjoyed this! So true too!

    1. Thanks because I was just doing some of that negative thinking myself. Thank you for that!

  2. Awesome, thank you. Id like to hear more on that since we are driven to distraction in today’s world. I love the lifting posts , they help when you are low. I love the affirmations confirming the constant flow of abundance.

  3. Thanks for daily uplifting my life with truth and wisdom

  4. Good info!!! So concise and simple and to the point. I like the driving analogy too.
    Susan Barasch

  5. Thanks for the motivation

  6. Stay in your own lane. I like that. Stated another way comparison is the theft of Joy. Thank you!

  7. OOOOOOH How helpful. Concentrate and Focus on your self and activities.

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