Are You Sure That Your Words Are Matching Your Actions?

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today we’re talking about making sure that our words match our actions.
So, let’s talk about this a little bit because oftentimes there are things that we say, that we get into a habit of perpetually repeating to people about maybe a position that we have on something or maybe it’s just an opinion that we have about ourselves and our ability to do or accomplish something. And these things sometimes become part of our everyday life and our everyday language, but what often happens is that our actions don’t always match up with what our words are saying.
And this, to the universe, sends a very, very mixed signal that can be very dangerous because if you’re saying to somebody, “I am in the process of accomplishing X, Y, Z goal.” But yet, you’re actions when you get up tomorrow morning are not in line with taking one step and another step and another step toward that goal, you can sit there and talk about what you’re going to accomplish all day long, but the message that the universe is hearing from you is based upon not just the words that you’re putting out there, but the actual actions that you’re taking and if there’s a mismatch there, we’ve got a problem.
And you’re going to find that the manifesting that you’re trying to do and the goal setting and the things that you’re trying to accomplish, if you’re sensing a struggle, that may very well be that there is a mismatch between words and actions.
So, I’d like you to think about that and take stock on whether or not this is an area that you need to focus on adjusting and see if improving that makes a difference in any other areas of your life, I bet you it will.

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