Are You Developing Your Own Traditions?

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac and today we’re going to talk about the importance of traditions.

So what traditions do you have in your life? Are there certain holiday traditions? Are there certain birthday related traditions? Are there certain traditions that you do at various times of the year that involve other people? Think about all of the traditions that are important to you and then also think about things that maybe it’s time you start a tradition or start a new tradition.

I had a very interesting conversation one time with a client many years ago and we were talking about traditions because I was recounting all of the things that I did with my mother that I then passed down to my daughters and I see them adopting as their own traditions as they’ve gotten older and become teens through the years.

And the person that I was talking to said: “I just, I really don’t have any traditions, you know I just wing it and I do something different and I’m kind of just freewheeling through life”. And I said that’s beautiful because I can relate to that as well, I live that kind of life myself.

But I got to thinking about how important those traditions are to me even though I do free will a lot of things. And one thing that I have done through the years is, as we have adopted traditions and brought them forward from my childhood and my family background and moved into doing them with my daughters. A lot of times I engage them in coming up with a new tradition, something that we add to the existing timeless traditions and we come up with a new tradition. And if it fits and it works, we may carry it into the following year or to the following event or to you know whatever when that time comes back around to employ that tradition.

And if it doesn’t work, we may look at adopting an additional new tradition. But so many things in life are enhanced by that opportunity of memories because that’s really what our traditions are all about. And if you have the tendency that you wanna bring forward positive memories from one time to another in your life, you’re going to find a particular grounding and you’re going to adapt a particular positive energy by doing these things.

So I really encourage you to take a look around at your own traditions. And if you don’t have any traditions like the person I talked to a while back then as I suggested to her maybe it’s time to think about starting some or maybe even reviving some old ones that you had forgotten all about. Either way, these memories are things that are going to give you such positive reinforcement and memories that it’s going to propel you to great things in the years and the months to come.

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