A Mistake? Or A Gift From The Universe?

Welcome to the video series that’s all about climbing the ladder of vibration and manifesting the life of your dreams. I’m Stephanie Mulac, and today we’re going to be talking about realizing the importance of all of the experiences that you have in your life. Now, everything happens to us for a reason, and sometimes we don’t always necessarily know at the point in time what that reason is. And it applies to experiences as well. Now, I began thinking about this when I ran across this book recently, when I was doing a project. And this particular book had brainstorming in it like mad. Pages after pages, and clippings and things like that. And this book is from probably, I want to say a good five or six years ago, seven, maybe even more. And what is in it unfortunately never really got realized for the project that I was making all the brainstorming notes for. So in some ways I could have taken the attitude and said that it was all a waste of time, throw the book out the window. It’s just no longer valuable, because it wasn’t used for that particular project.

But lo and behold here recently, the reason that I dug it out of a pile of treasured books is because there are things in here that have come into play of something that I’m doing currently that five or six years ago, I would have had no clue would have ever happened and been something on the books for a project or anything like that. But I did it for a reason. So instead of discounting it and getting down on myself and saying, “You know, it was a waste of time,” and you know, unrealized dreams, or projects that, you know, I just wasted my effort in spending the time to write it out and have all of these things that never materialized for anything, I kept it. Because you just, you never know that this was an exercise that could come into play years later. And there’s so many things about life that fall into that category.

So don’t ever get down on yourself if you think that you’ve done something and you’re spinning your wheels, because you may have just learned one little nugget of a lesson or a skill to something that you were doing that you may not even realize was important until years and years down the line. So just remember, everything has a purpose. If you are experiencing it, if you are being brought to it in your life, it is there for a reason. So resist that temptation to get down on yourself and say that something that you’ve done is no longer of benefit because it may not seem like it’s got a use in the current moment because you just never know what the future might bring.

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  1. thank you that help me out alot be wandering why the unverse and i are not on the same page now i understand

  2. Nice, I publish my first book Octobar 18,2016 and stok with that sale few of them, but now I start think for reason. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for the wisdom you bring to me everyday.May you be blessed beyond measure.🙏💖

  4. Thanks Universe. Am gratefully also am sharing my.GRATITUDE to universe. Thanks universe.

  5. Thanks UNIVERS, thanks everybody ho encourage me and help me to get a reason to fight further.Elizabeth,

  6. Thank you for your great informative service you seem like you know a great deal about what you are talking about, blessed to be in your thoughts

  7. Hi Stephanie I thank you for all your help I love your messages and I totally understand you. I am a Big Fan of yours. Jeana

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